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6:29pm 02-08-2016
Brilliant loved the poison girls. A true warrior who stayed true to her beleaves. You changed my life r.ip vi xxx
12:58pm 02-08-2016
My first listening was Poison Girls on tape, then I discovered Fatal Microbes and Rubella Ballet! What a woman Vi! The special first song I listened to was Piano Lesson, then Real Woman, so importants for me!
Her voice and words will be always in my heart and in my head.

Love, Coco.
10:31am 24-07-2016
Helen Cingisiz (Fox)
I just recently mentioned Vi to a friend who felt she was old and had missed her opportunities in life. Vi seized life by the throat and told it what for. Forever my inspiration in whatever I aspire to do.

So pleased I had the opportunity to travel to Berlin with her & the band for the Berlin gig at The Kob in '95.

Love & Peace.
The Girl Who Stole a "Famous" Guitar.
7:30pm 04-07-2016
Luca Dipierro
Dear Vi, thanks for the music, the thoughts, the attitude, the energy, the diy ethic, the sincerity and the irony. With gratitude and respect, Luca
6:07pm 04-07-2016
Michael Stead
Wonderful lyrics, wonderful music, wonderful person.
3:56pm 30-05-2016
Having lost my box set, picked up a cd this weekend- like hearing for the first time. So I came hear to hear the news of via death. I don't have a list of memories from gigs, but more group of snapshots where certain songs were a mirror to my own life, or where a phrase would give words to a feeling I struggled to voice.
11:33am 30-05-2016
Mickey Penguin
In 1980 I bought the ‘Stations Of The Crass’ double album from the Small Wonder record shop in Walthamstow.

That was the very first record that I owned released on the Crass record label.

I followed that up with some of the available 7” singles and albums released on the Crass record label, a little after I decided that I liked the ‘Stations’ album!

The two Poison Girls albums and the 'Bloody Revolutions / Persons Unknown' 7" single were some of the other records that I acquired visiting the Small Wonder record shop in 1980.

I went to see Crass at Welwyn Garden City Ludwick Hall in the Spring of 1982, with D.I.R.T and Flux in support, not the Poison Girls and the Eplieptics roadshow of a couple of years earlier.

I went to see Poison Girls for the first time at Stevenage Bowes Lyon House, with Rubella Ballet in support, during the Winter of 1982.

The Crass gig was great and all that, but as an awkwardly shy guy who didn't say a lot to anyone, a bit introverted and nervous, I realised after seeing Poison Girls and Rubella Ballet that I felt much more comfortable at those gigs.

A little less screaming and shouting, and a lot less in the way of booted bovver boys causing a fuss near the stage or outside.

A few weeks later in January 1983, I was back at Stevenage Bowes Lyon House for the screaming and shouting stuff. This time The Subhumans, with our local teeny-punk band, Virus V1 in support.

A few weeks later, Conflict and Omega Tribe performed. I preferred Omega Tribe.

There is going to be a pattern here.

The Poison Girls were one of the bands that I preferred to listen to, along with Rubella Ballet, Omega Tribe and The Mob. I preferred the pace, and the clarity of the lyrics live or on the records.

The Poison Girls lyrics were (considering the band's maturity and intelligence) mature and intelligent. Some of those words still resonate deeply with me today.

The last time that I saw Poison Girls was in the Summer of 1985, upstairs at the Hammersmith Clarendon with Blyth Power and The Ex. Three of my then favorite bands of that time performing together.

Throughout those years I never spoke to any Poison Girls, or indeed many members of any other bands. I was STILL an awkwardly shy guy who didn't say a lot to anyone, a bit introverted and nervous.

Fast forward a couple of years, and I am with Blyth Power in some squatted car showroom in Reading.

It is the Winter Solstice, and various artists and bands are performing short sets, throughout the evening.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Suddenly a van backs up to the make shift venue entrance, and Richard Famous and Vi Subversa appear from the van.

I was there at that point so I felt inclined to offer help to unload their van.

They were both very appreciative of my offer, but told me there was next to nothing that needed unloading.

I realised that Richard and Vi were to perform a short set themselves, as a duo, and not as the Poison Girls.

Being a squat with no back stage, and being on hand to offer help to unload, so therefore in Vi's intimidate proximity, and as I was now feeling a little less awkward and shy than I was in previous years, I spoke to Vi for the first time... And for some time.

To my surprise, she did not shuffle away subtly, or make any excuses to leave the hostage situation she had unknowingly fallen into.

She listened to me, I listened to her. A cassette tape of the Suns Of Arqa backing up Prince Far I, blared out seemingly on a loop via the roped up sound system, between the artists and bands performing.

Richard and Vi eventually set up and they put in a great performance.

The highlight of the night, and the very last time I saw Vi perform any of her songs.

Around five years after I had first witnessed Vi up on stage in 1982.

Vi, and Vi's lyrics were a massive inspiration to me back in the early 1980's. Within that squat in Reading, she was caring and beautiful, witty and humble and a great listener, inspiring me further.

Some state; "Don't meet your heroes".

Those that do state that, are possibly following the wrong 'heroes'.

I'm glad I met one of mine. Even for a short time.
12:51pm 29-05-2016
patrick duffy
Vi RIP. You were and still are a massive influence on my life…along with others you inspired me to think for myself, question and believe in myself and the potential of "us" to create a better world……love you, your ideals and the music…peace and love, paddy
11:11pm 14-05-2016
peter evans
rip vi , love the music , always will xxxx
6:29pm 07-05-2016
Thank you for being you. Punk Rock Rebel Heart til the end !

Rest In Peace Vi

10:37pm 05-05-2016
Gutted love you loads R.I.P. your music will live on forever
3:53pm 19-04-2016
I just learned of Vi's passing and all I can say is... THAT IS BULLSHIT. Thank you for all the music over the years. Thanks for being a strong voice and political punk. You are an inspiration to some of us out there!
9:50am 15-04-2016
chaos k
Tnx for all you have done. Loved the Poison Girls. Play there records over and over. RIP Vi.
5:28pm 10-04-2016
So sad to read that Vi has died. What a woman. I'm learning the guitar (at last) and have been playing along to Persons Unknown which I have loved since my friend played it to me in his bedroom in 1981. I really can't believe it.
5:45pm 03-04-2016
Michael Wright
Thank you for sharing Richard. Loved the Poison Girls, a true inspiration.Hope you are well these days too x
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