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8:30pm 01-04-2016
Brilliant inspirational and unnervingly open......I spent some of the summer of 83 following the poisons round on tour, they all looked after me and the more time you spent listening to them, the more you knew that we really could build something better than the crap we've settled for.
They hid me from skinheads in Carlisle, sorted me out food when I had nowt and never once played the stars or left any one out or down
That summer is long time ago but the inspiration from Vi and the Poisons still resonates and has never been more relevant
5:31pm 01-04-2016
John E
I remember so fondly first being given a cassette recording of Poison Girls music by a dear friend in the mid-90s. A true revelation. Driving from one point to another to another criss-crossing the US listening to these songs over and over again. Memorizing and internalizing many of the concepts being addressed in the songs. That friend passed away a number of years ago and I inherited some of his LPs. A treasure. When Vi passed I was truly moved to tears. Laying on the floor in my home listening to record after record. Her influence on me has been profound. Just last night I was in a similar position to my dear friend years ago. I was able to play "Hex" for a new friend for the first time. The way their eyes lit up recognizing the radical loveliness that is the Poison Girls. Thank you Vi (again). I will continue to bring your words to the world whenever I have the opportunity. Love Love Love.
9:26am 31-03-2016
Heather (Heff)
Thanks so much for sharing this with everyone Richard, she was an amazing person who touched us all so deeply and continues to inspire both us oldies and people who are just discovering your work together. The music lives on, as ever! much love to you and your family xxx
7:19am 31-03-2016
Todd Lee Wandel
I just finished watching the documentary "She's a Punk Rocker" and discovered Poison Girls and was hooked. How inspirational and how heavy on the heart to read of her passing. Thank You Vi and company!
1:26pm 29-03-2016
Michael Taylor
Ace wasn't she. I actually met Vi when I was about 17 in a cafe in Manchester called papas club. She was having a cuppa. I wasn't sure if it was her so I approached her and sure enough it was. This was about 1982/83 could have been earlier...long time ago. But she was so welcoming and warm. Really lovely person. She talked of financial shit that was happening with xntrix. I talked about my band veritable. Talked about 15 mins. Never forgotten it and left her to her business as I went back to my mates all young punx. Wonderful woman
11:08am 28-03-2016
i just hear persons unknown for the first time - so so awestruck!!
11:56pm 27-03-2016
Were growing old and now another one of life's Greats has left us to tour elsewhere R.I.P Vi Thanks for the music we so loved XxX
12:47am 27-03-2016
Thank you Richard. A worthy tribute to a great artist.
10:24am 25-03-2016
Scott Barker
nice one Richard.
9:26pm 24-03-2016
Always a pleasure to meet with ..full of enthusiasm for living and experimenting ..shine on !
12:33pm 17-03-2016
Carl Bennett
Saw you in the Mayflower in Manchester supporting Crass in 1980/81?. Great night, great presence, and was totally wowed. Persons Unknown still pops into my head from time to time. Thoughts are with your friends and family.
12:20pm 12-03-2016
Roy Wallace
Real sorry I never got to meet and talk with Vi who was such a positive inspiration for me and many other people living in Belfast in the early 1980's, inspiring us to think for ourselves and be creative which most of us have done with the rest of our lives!

May the road rise to meet you.... thanks and all our love to your family and friends! The Original W@rzone Collective
7:35pm 10-03-2016
Always totally transported liberated empowered by Vi's lyrics, the songs, everything about her. Changed my life. Always will. So much love to her and all her loved ones. Thank you for everything.
9:40pm 09-03-2016
Such sorry news. My condolences to her family and bandmates.
8:35am 07-03-2016
richard Famous
Hi Sam
A sorry tale. All Poison Girls music can be downloaded for free from this website. Donations are welcome, but not necessary. We don't actually sell CD's, though they are available, try All The Madmen records.
Good luck, Richard
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