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7:42pm 25-02-2016
Mick Trevitt
George Shilling, I received your email about Dave Bennett. Thank you for this. Please can you mail me again with contact details as I am having difficulty getting back to you.
1:19pm 25-02-2016
Dave Sowden
It has been so many years since last we were in each other's company and now you were an inspirational woman who will be sadly missed.
9:55pm 23-02-2016
Sarah Divine
I had the good fortune to work with Vi and Richard with the Lenya Hobnoobs Theatre Company back in the early 90's. I was really impressed by her presence and voice. Vi became my landlady when she relocated to Spain. I distinctly remember her giving me some advice not to waste time being inauthentic to yourself or others - just speak the plain truth and make peace with who you are. That certainly stuck with me. Thank you for the music, and for all the messages you conveyed, Vi! xx
8:04pm 23-02-2016
Fair paly, compadre. Cry no more. xxx
7:33pm 23-02-2016
Paul Grieve
You were and will remain influential and inspirational.You helped form my ideals and ideas from an early age. THANK YOU. R.I.P Vi.
2:54pm 23-02-2016
david aardvark
Radio Tribute to Vi & Poison Girls

she will never be forgotten....
2:53pm 23-02-2016
What a trooper, and what a legacy. R.I.P
12:05pm 23-02-2016
R.I.P thanks for some great memories
11:33am 23-02-2016
Andy Sniper
RIP Vi - another part of my life's soundtrack gone...
11:06am 23-02-2016
great Vi ... see you later....
9:43am 23-02-2016
R.i.p vi x
9:19am 23-02-2016
So saddened to hear of the death of Vi, the person who had so much influence on my politics, attitudes to equality and life in general.
11:14pm 22-02-2016
An inspiration who's lyrics are just as relevant now as when they were written.
R.i.P Vi.

Flesh and blood are who we are...
8:01pm 22-02-2016
This is really sad news. I came to your site as was just trying to explain to my housemate who were the poison girls, what made them so special and why i like their music so much. what a pity i never saw them live. i wish you all the best!
5:54pm 22-02-2016
Mike Bradbury
Thank you Vi for giving me so much pleasure x
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