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3:41pm 22-02-2016
An absolutely majestic human being who influenced and will continue to influence so many people.
3:40pm 22-02-2016
kromaks sellout
Vila i FRID old lady.
2:18pm 22-02-2016
The soundtrack of my life. Heard her. Met her. She was my punkmother. Thank you Vi.
10:05am 22-02-2016
Richard Boon
Am. Still. So. Upset. Bless. The positive memories will outlast the grief.
9:19pm 21-02-2016
George Shilling
Sad to hear this news. And I only just discovered that my old upstairs neighbour Dave Bennett aka Agent Orange from about 1990-1992 died back in 1992 according to a couple of web posts. I produced recordings with his next band the Didactic Prophylactics.
9:18pm 21-02-2016
Saw them first supporting Crass at the infamous 'sweatbox' gig in Bradford. But my fondest memories were talking to Vi (Frances) on the tours when they had Chumbawamba as support. I was always at soundchecks, and had a few very interesting conversations with her before the gigs. She was always so warm and welcoming to this young 'punk.' She will always be in my happy memories. Blessings x
6:06pm 21-02-2016
Jo Dubé
Frances (Vi) was evacuated to Wales as a small child. When I was a small child from Wales visiting family friends in London, who just happened to be the Poison Girls, Frances would sing Welsh songs in Welsh with me.

Diolch, Frances. xxx
6:02pm 21-02-2016
Patrick McNamee
Very sorry to hear this. She was a pioneering performer and an immense talent - a true artist. Condolences to those closest to her and for me as a 1980s Poison Girls fanatic particular condolences to Richard Famous who with Vi went the distance with the band through all the great music and ups & downs. An inspiring creative partnership, the heart and soul of a great band. Love.
2:34pm 21-02-2016
Daryl Robinson
As a young man going to gigs it was when I saw Poison Girls and Vi and reading the words that I started to fully understand the unconscious (and conscious) subjugation of women and how my behaviour had to change, for this I will be forever grateful and inspired.
2:26pm 21-02-2016
Jan Dubé
Great knowing you Frances.
Love to Dan & Alfie; Gemma, Ella and Rosa; and Gary, see you around.

Thanks Richard.
12:39pm 21-02-2016
Paul & Rosie
Thank you for the inspiration, music and for your warm friendship. We miss you but have so many wonderful memories. All our love and especially to Vi's family and closest friends at this time.
12:22pm 21-02-2016
Richard Famous
Please feel free to leave all memories, anecdotes and tributes to Vi. She will be missed by us all. Strength.
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