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7:24pm 06-03-2016
Hi*I used to have tapes of your music when I lived in a bender all over the mainland UK between 87-98. Then I was assaulted & had an aneurysm and my life changed. All my "friends" dropped out on me; I didn't recognise people including my relatives & I'd get lost in towns I knew well and have to ask for help. I had to spend a few months in a house at first & when I eventually found my bender again it had been wrecked & my valuables stolen. My tapes were knackered due to damp. Id like to rebuild all my collection of music I had then; Crass, Poison Girls, Subhumans/Culture Shock, Dead Kennedys, many more. I dont know how to use your website to buy the cds. The computer revolution happened while I lived in a bender & I have never really caught up. Im using a basic old mobile phone. Please can you help? Thanks*
10:43pm 02-03-2016
Travis K
Vi and Poison Girls are such an inspiration, and one of the best groups of the Crass movement. Vi's punk songs are brilliant, and her slower songs are absolutely beautiful. A true poet. She will be missed.
2:37pm 02-03-2016
Elmer Thudd
Oh my god i had no idea until right now,ordered a box set from Discogs yesterday with no knowledge of this.I will treasure it forever...RIP the Mother of all Mother Punks.So much
9:08am 02-03-2016
Diane Hudson
Got the news whilst out in Canada, listened to Poison Girls all the way back to the airport. Poison Girls were such a big part of my youth and probably the reason I am so synical today ! RIP Vi, the best Punk Mother ever.
7:08am 01-03-2016
Mick Lynch
Yet another part of my youth has left us. RIP Vi, nd join the great supergroup up there!
12:41pm 29-02-2016
Hilmar Neuroth
In the time poison girls came into existence, they were so lucky having true personalities like Vi Subversa...only she could avoid the thing that happened to many other punk bands...becoming a cliché of punk as a "strong" identity..i hope to make a radio show next week in loving memory of hers.......
11:12pm 28-02-2016
Anne Robinson
RIP Vi. What an inspiration, smart, generous and politically astute, a wonderful human being. Always loved the music and was privileged to work with her, making the 'Real Woman' video. I still remember the day out in Southend and burning that washing line! Love to all her family and friends xx
8:55pm 28-02-2016
I was fortunate to be friends with Frances,truly a woman of courage,integrity and imagination.
11:28pm 27-02-2016
Przykro i smutno
5:36pm 27-02-2016
Willie Wit
An inspiration, thank you for being you.
5:15am 27-02-2016
VI Subversa - one of a kind. So many memories. So many great times. The whole anarcho period with Crass and Poison Girls invariably at the epicenter. What you sang then is just as relevant now but no-one sounds the way you do. Take the toys from the boys RIP VI...
7:11pm 26-02-2016
Benjamin Zephaniah
I have no idea what year it was, but for a while I toured with the Poison Girls. We were all in East London at the time and I remember a few of my hard core Reggae heads worrying about me. A Reggae poet, with a punk band? Little did they know how much we had in common. It turned out to be one of the best times of my life. We traveled in a couple of vans from venue to venue. Back then music festivals were mainly free and really for the people, and what I realised as soon as I started working with this band was that these were no weekend punks. They were serious, and meant every word they said. Vi taught me a lot in those times, so much of what she taught me made me who I am today. For example, I remember her explaining the lyrics of one of the bands songs about Rio Tinto Zinc. A few years later I was just about to start a tour in New Zealand when I realised that that same company were one of the sponsors. I pulled out, and all the other bands pulled out, and a more ethical sponsor was found before we continued. I had lots of great conversation with Vi, and she taught me how to really hit the road and hold it all together, and how to keep my dignity when being put down. Sometimes we would come across racists, people saying negative stuff because I was black, and then I opened my eyes and realised that some people were saying negative stuff about her age. Then I realised they were the same people. So she also taught me that unity is strength. I will never forget her. There are many of us who can say she was a mother to us all, a sister to us all, and an inspiration to us all.
4:37pm 26-02-2016
Billy Reeves
I hope we'll see Vi's like again.
10:24am 26-02-2016
Thank you Vi for changing my life. Trusting me by inviting me to join the Poisons was the flowering of whatever creative juices I had and the most fantastic life lesson, and have remembered ever since. Thanks to the love and support you and gave to so many people in your passion, humour, honesty, love and guts. That's all folks. You live in our hearts. Love Bernhardt ♥♥♥
8:34pm 25-02-2016
tom cullen
fantastic memories, a sad loss
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